Saturday , 28 May 2022

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Welcome to the Share Economy

It's cheap, simple and good for the environment, so why buy when you can share? That's the message of the new sharing economy, which is changing the way we consume everything from lawnmowers to holidays. Oryana Angel investigates. Read More »

Germ Havens in Your Home

As well as causing illness, germs are sneaky and lurk in the most unusual places in the home - hello, bed sheets! Oryana Angel shares the top hangouts that should put you on high germ alert! Read More »


Women are the most powerful consumers on earth and have taken the driver's seat in economic growth. Businesses that don't harness this force are flirting with failure, writes Oryana Angel. Read More »

DIY Green Roof

Going green is a growing trend and with many of us living in compact quarters, the only way is up. Oryana Angel lays out the ground rules for building your own living roof garden at home. Read More »

Grains of Hope

A Japanese farmer is looking to grow premium Japanese rice in the middle of North Queensland's cane country, potentially triggering a renaissance for the crop in the area, writes Oryana Angel Read More »

Down in the Pits

In an industry that runs 24/7 and requires its workers to put in long hours, operating dangerous machinery in remote areas - and often far from family and friends - it's little wonder that mental health issues are a big concern in the mining and resource sectors. Read More »

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